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customer service in logistics

Innis and LaLonde concluded that as much as 60% of desirable customer service attributes can be directly attributed to logistics (Innis & LaLonde, 1994). These include fill rates, frequency of delivery, and supply chain visibility (Innis & LaLonde, 1994). Researchers have consistently discovered that customer service is highly dependent on logistics. 8.3 summarizes the most important customer service elements as on-time delivery, order fill rate, product condition, and accurate documentation. There are also strategies involving location analysis and the networking planning. All these strategies are critical for an effective logistics customer service (Fig. 8.1


This keeps the clients steadfast and gets them to regularly, without fail, interface with the brand image. Specific algorithms can also use customer service concerns to pick up on general problems that customers seem to be having, allowing you to implement solutions before even more customers are affected. However, this information processing isn’t as easy, simplistic, or linear as it may seem.

  • Customized services show a freight broker’s willingness to adapt to the unique needs of different customers.
  • The DispatchTrack report also revealed that 80% of buyers want consistent delivery status updates, with 27% going as far as saying they want notifications as often as possible, even multiple times a day.
  • It is a critical component of managing supply chain relationships and will give your brand the best chance of consistent delivery success.
  • This is why an outstanding customer service team can become your greatest advantage.
  • These are the services provided to customers following receiving their goods.

Multilingual capabilities ensure the best customer experience possible, where no information is lost in translation. Whether a company offers customer service by live chat, social media, email, or phone, there are a few ways to improve it. Here are six ways for logistics companies to deliver high-quality, professional customer service. Each aspect lets your company deliver products and simultaneously provide a positive and reliable experience.

What to Look for in Your 3PL’s Customer Service

84% of consumers that have an issue with a brand will never complain directly to the brand itself, they’ll go straight to social media. So keep in mind, that customers who have an issue with your business have no loyalty to you as an individual or to your brand as a whole. It is not just about service, but more about building a relationship and fully engaging with the customer.

When customer service is bad or good, people tell other customers about it. As a business owner, it can be scary to think about how much is riding on your customer’s experience with your business. Irrespective of the type of industry or business, it is imperative to stand apart and shine above all competition. To be better than all competition is what helps a business to thrive, and the clients need to know this that they are with the best.

Enhance Customer Service Roles

Order constraints are preset expectations or requirements that prevent flexibility in order processing and delivery. Due to the order constraints, the cost of order processing and delivery can increase. The example of order constraints includes minimum order size, fixed days for receiving order, maintained specifications for order, etc. Order constraints also help with the order planning as the restrictions are known ahead of time.

All reputed logistics companies such as FedEx, UPS, Purolator, etc. provide DIY customer service options that are available to customers 24/7. The information relayed to the client through these automated channels is also likely to be more accurate and error-free compared to other support platforms impacted by human error. Such automated customer service features help build trust in the customers and reduce their reliance on other customer support channels that are manually managed. If your logistics operation uses a transportation management system, you should leverage its real-time delivery tracking features that allow customers to check the status of their order in real-time. Even if the logistics process is as easy as scheduling a package pickup, going the extra mile will increase customer satisfaction.

Once a company has reached the threshold service level, any improvements above the threshold are expected to stimulate sales. These sales can come from new and unexplored markets or customers converted from other companies. A good, strong and effective customer service ensures happy and satisfied customers and clients. This not only means a repeat clientele, but it also means good advertisement for the brand. A happy client refers the brand or company to other partners, coworkers, friends, etc. A good, content customer service team works harder to satisfy the customers and exceed the expectations of the customers.

If the software your warehouse operates relies on external vendors, you know how important it is to solve issues quickly. A system downtime that lasts long enough can prevent your business from operating, which may lead to considerable losses or costly fines. One of the key areas to focus on is an automated model of customer service aka self-service as it not just saves time and resources for your business but also reduces manual error. Some examples of automated customer service in logistics include real-time order tracking and automated shipping/ETA/delivery notifications. In today’s ultra-competitive logistics market, customer service can be that “X” factor. Lately, customer support videos have been a game-changer when it comes to providing clients with as much information and options as possible in no time.

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When your logistics process is transparent, customers are bound to have questions about their orders. When they do, it’s important to answer quickly before they start asking about returns, discounts, or refunds. After all, when your product arrives you want your customers to be excited to use it, rather than thinking about how long it took to deliver or what problems it encountered along the way. Delivery updates aren’t the only reason why customer service is important to logistics.

If an order is delayed, they want to know why it was and whether the problem will happen again in the future. In these cases, it’s better to provide more details than less, so customers can trust that your business has handled the problem. If you provide vague information or don’t answer your customers’ questions, they’ll have a harder time trusting that this same delay won’t happen again. Business logistics refers to the acquisition, storage, and distribution of company resources. Organizations that manufacture and/or transport goods will typically have a logistics department that manages incoming and outgoing products.

Key interactions between prospects or customers and a transportation or logistics brand can make or break that provider’s reputation. Transparency goes far beyond the offer of shipping information; it also involves giving customers the chance to compare different prices and services, along with demonstrating how everything works. For instance, a company can offer tracking updates, shipment transit times, and weather reports to keep clients in the loop. Not only does this simplify the logistics process, but it also increases a brand’s credibility. That shouldn’t stop companies from striving for excellence—while perfection may be unattainable, it’s still best to find room for improvement and make the customer experience as smooth as possible.

Your customers’ experience will determine how good of a reputation your e-commerce company enjoys in the market. The pandemic has demonstrated a paradigm shift where we see that many businesses have switched online and are taking advantage of top-ranking e-commerce platforms to conduct their sales. Excellent customer service is contingent upon effective communication alongside on-time and damage-free deliveries in logistics. In addition to that, efficient customer service enables the logistical network to operate optimally. Therefore, customer communication and service are critical components of the logistics industry.

customer service in logistics

Another goals that every logistic organization should achieve is to improve in quality, increasing their services and getting customer satisfaction. Total Quality Management becomes the main issue throughout the business landscape. Most of the organizations attempted to keep fully owned supply chain with the thinking of forward and backward vertical integration. According to some competition, businesses are now forecasting specialized fields to build major competencies in specific areas and strive to gain competitive advantage by delivering better outcomes to customers. Logistics management is is very important that try to possess competitive advantage. That’s what makes customer service in e-commerce logistics so significant, and that’s what your customers will remember the most about their experience with your e-commerce company.

DDC FPO’s Customer Care solution helps many transportation and logistics companies achieve goals from start to finish with a dedicated team of experts that possess decades of experience in transportation and logistics. In addition to friendly, relationship-focused customer service, the ideal strategic partner will provide sales and account nurturing services to help you expand and retain your client base. This is why you see investment in tools like Transportation Management Software that provide improved insights. The logistics industry is time-sensitive, with as much as 64% of customers saying that speed is as essential as price. For this reason, you should implement a system ensuring quick service, including timely email responses, instant chat support, and responsive phone lines.

By paying attention to how the packages are transported, companies can improve customer service by addressing priorities like safety, accounting for weather conditions, and being proactive about damage or theft. This can be a challenge if you own a global logistics company because you have customers in many different places. You need to know the right mode of transportation to use when moving goods and the luggage or containers in which to transport them.

You can ensure that your company remains committed to customer service and that it continually improves its customer service skills. Whenever a customer is new to a business there are going to be some initial doubts about their purchase. This is common with ecommerce since the customer can’t physically see the item until it arrives at their door. This is why it’s important to have a good brand reputation especially when it comes to logistics.

Customer Effort Score (CES) is a metric used to measure the ease with which customers can achieve their goals when interacting with a company. It aims to gauge the effort required on the customer’s part to get an issue resolved, a request fulfilled, or a product or service accessed. Make sure to have a dedicated support team to cater to your customer queries.

Finding a tangible definition of customer service in logistics can be elusive. To illustrate the importance of customer service in logistics, let’s define what you should look for in a partner and why it matters. Most businesses focus solely on speed and cost when choosing their transportation methods.

Game involves decisions about logistics activity levels and hence service levels. By monitoring the overall time period of game playing, extensive data is obtained to generate a sales-service curve. The artificiality of the gaming environment will always lead to questions about the relevance of the results to a particular firm or product situation. Predictive value of the gaming process is established through validation procedures.

Mail questionnaires and personal interviews are frequently used because a large sample of information can be obtained at a relatively low cost. The questions must be carefully designed so as not to lead the respondents or to bias their answers and yet capture the essence of service that the buyers find important. The finding of survey can be used to model the relationship between the cost and the customer service level. The impact on sales/revenues to a change in service level may be all that is needed to evaluate the effect on costs. The sales-service relationship over a wide range of service choices may be unnecessary and impractical.

Tracking how everything really works will lead you to discover inefficiencies in your processes. If you run into trouble deciding the priorities or next steps, consider hiring a consultant with subject matter experience. Such experts, often with previous careers in logistics, will measure relevant metrics, devise strategies based on thorough analysis, and deliver unique solutions tailored to your business needs. But security is also crucial when it comes to your employees and the goods you’re taking care of.

Good customer reviews can only be obtained when your customers are happy with your service, turning them into your brand ambassadors. As mentioned earlier, e-commerce logistics plays a crucial role for your customer satisfaction. Your customer service strategy can help ensure that your customers are kept informed, problems are resolved, real-time information is readily available, and customer retention is improved. Some of the other reasons why customer service in e-commerce logistics is essential are given below. Logistics businesses are the backbone of the supply chain, ensuring that products are delivered to the correct locations, on schedule, and at a reasonable cost.

Customer Service in Logistics Can Help When Things Go Wrong

For instance,  if a shipment gets delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, proactive acknowledgment can go a long way. A simple statement like, “We apologize for the delay in your shipment and understand the inconvenience caused,” shows that you value the customer’s experience and are keen on rectifying the situation. It shows the customer that you are aware of the situation and are taking their concern seriously.

customer service in logistics

The customer service program of HUCAPADJ Barber Shop is notable and efficiently presented for it comprises of a brief but concise… It is directly connected with the mode of product being shipped, the measurement of the shipment, and also the location. Most of the logistics systems that offer premium, high quality service are mostly based on high speed, small shipment transportation.

Strategy 3: Handling Customer Queries and Complaints Proactively

It has an important role to perform even in understanding the aim of regional business integration and development (Tongzon, 2011). It possess a huge impact than just transaction cost and on-time delivery (Kumar, Andersson & Rehme, 2010). Thus the good coorperative logistics strategy improves customer service effectiveness as well (Kohn, McGinnis, & Kara, 2011). The first thing you have to do to become known as a company that treats its clients better than others is to invest in customer service training for your employees. Your people represent your business in the eyes of others, so they should embody the company’s values.

This article will discuss how effective customer service in logistics can help you overcome common industry challenges and how outsourcing can pave the way for innovative solutions. Some logistics companies struggle with supply chain disruptions, while others can’t provide timely support. Within this rocky landscape, outsourcing companies with back-office solutions emerge as strategic allies for your organization. Without feedback in logistics, no one would know what they’re doing right or wrong. Customer feedback is what drives a business and is the reason for improvement. If customers aren’t satisfied, the business should strive to fix those issues.

We spoke with leaders of high-growth logistics companies to hear their secrets for improving customer service. Another way for a logistics manager to improve customer satisfaction is to be accessible at most times. Since problems always can and will occur in shipping, you should enable your clients or customers to reach you whenever a disruption in shipment occurs to maintain good customer service in logistics. In that situation, demanding a timely fix from your IT vendor is only natural. You can foun additiona information about ai customer service and artificial intelligence and NLP. It’s no wonder your customers expect you to meet deadlines and quickly resolve their queries. And in a market where 75% of customers are willing to spend more to buy from businesses that give them a good customer experience, companies that put their clients first prevail.

The greatest benefit comes from leveraging visibility information to identify and eliminate root causes of quality problems, and to rapidly respond to ensure the quality of outsourced products and services. This early identification and correction of quality problems in global outsourcing can help companies reduce the consequences of poor quality of products and services. Customer service is a broad term that holds many elements ranging from product availability to after-sale maintenance.

  • Your customer service must always provide information that is accurate to ensure a positive customer experience.
  • Logistics Worldwide is one of the most progressive transportation management companies in the business.
  • Consumers now have very high expectations when it comes to package tracking and reporting issues.
  • In nowadays, a customer experience is very important in global marketing and it can determine a reputation of a business firm.
  • The best employees are obliged to fill up the slack for other employees, so they search for better opportunities for their talents.
  • The best thing about this technology is that custom automation may solve even the most unusual challenges logistics companies face.

By using secure packaging, implementing driver safety training, and installing security cameras, your business becomes well-protected. People look for safety and want to see that their supply chain partners take it seriously. Recognizing the importance of earning customer trust should lead to a comprehensive reconsideration of your priorities. Should you put more emphasis on problem-solving, improve customer-facing processes, or invest in warehouse automation?

Sterling and Lambert clearly showed in their research that logistics customer service is the critical factor for the office systems as well as plastic and furniture factories. Pretransaction elements of customer service mean to establish a climate for good customer service. This element of services deals with the service level and related activities in qualitative and quantitative terms.

In logistics industry much of the services and support services provided, are invisible to customers. The trucks, warehouses, or most of the staff is hidden from the sight of the customer. Hence, providing a positive customer services in logistics, to enrich the customer experience, is essential.

It was particularly evident during the Great Supply Chain Disruption from 2021 to 2022. The recent pandemic, geopolitical unrest, and logistics issues have impacted most of the world but left some countries more devastated than others. For one, investing in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and automated management systems is costly,.

Front helps logistics teams streamline operations and ship more freight with lower costs by making their customer communication system flawless. Training your employees contributes to customer satisfaction because it helps your operations run more smoothly. When your business is running efficiently, your customers always get the orders they need.

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Another important factor of effective communication for customer service is consistency. If you want your customers to trust your brand and continue to do business with you, your communication must be consistent. A superior level of customer service assists in retaining customers and ensures a repeat customer at a significantly lower cost than CAC.

When you’re jumping from your TMS, to email, to Slack or Teams to chat with your team, information inevitably gets lost, and your team wastes time switching between platforms. Carrier and Agent Support Manager at Logistic Dynamics, Andrew Whipple III, says consistent communication is critical to building a relationship of trust. Another way to give your clients an incentive is to provide them options on your delivery system. As a logistics manager, you have access to the fastest or most economical means of transporting items to your clients, and you can use those as incentives.

While doing so, make sure your whole company understands the continuous improvement mindset, as from now on, all employees must look at their roles differently and think about how their end can be improved. For example, let’s say your logistics company does in-house deliveries along with having a contract with a 3PL company for delivering some of your orders. In such cases, your company is responsible for communicating to clients the status of both self-delivery and 3PL orders. In this post, guest writer Dhruv Mehta dives into four reasons why customer service in logistics is important. Research shows that more than 50% of customers across all age groups typically use the phone to reach out to a service team,  but the other 50% still need support.

customer service in logistics

You shouldn’t have more headaches and issues on your hands, you should have less. Besides providing information on the current status of their stocks, AI-based customer service can also help logistics dealers predict trends for the future. In this case, automation works to identify the various needs and expectations that customers have from a particular brand. When this data comes through, the customer service AI systems then pick up cues from the responses customer service in logistics of the entire customer base to analyze their needs and transcribe them into more coherent forms. There is a pretty impressive variety of feedback plug-ins, such as star-based rating mechanisms, written reviews, statistical satisfaction charts. In Marketing term ‘Mystery Shopping’ is the exercise of collecting surveys through training field employees so as to calculate customer research and service, operations, merchandising and goods or services quality.

Read on for some customer service tips you can use to enhance the logistics process at your business. Consumers now have very high expectations when it comes to package tracking and reporting issues. If an order is missing, late, or damaged, your brand needs to be able to respond to their requests immediately. A 3PL who can offer you support around the clock will be the best defense against angry or disgruntled customers. Offering value-added services or information can enhance customer satisfaction.

customer service in logistics

The most difficult situation that authorities face is the complexity of operating conditions where they had to work in order to supply medical items to the affected region from a central position. In this scenario it may be required to share medical items from contiguous health care organizations. The two-point method involves establishing two points on the diminishing return portion of the sales-service relationship through straight lines.