Automated customer service: Full guide

what is customer service automation

Customer service automation is the process of reducing the number of interactions between customers and human agents in customer support. Even though AI customer service tools such as chatbots and IVR can answer many clients’ questions, these are primarily simple ones. Like checking order status, setting up appointments, asking about opening hours, and other how-to inquiries. A chatbot is a self-service solution that relies on the proper use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP). Its main aim is to understand what people say and then mimic human speech or behavior to give answers based on gathered insights.

What if you want to always keep your finger on the pulse in case something happens after you speak to a customer? Have a chat transcript sent to your team (or a client) once you finish a conversation. Smart assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri provide a new level of personalized service.


Companies can significantly reduce response times by handling routine inquiries and tasks through AI-driven systems. This speed and efficiency are crucial in an environment where, according to a report by Gartner, customers who experience prompt issue resolution are almost twice as likely to repurchase. Automated systems ensure that customers receive instant support, elevating their overall experience with the brand. Customer service automation is revolutionizing how businesses engage with their customers.

what is customer service automation

The biggest potential disadvantage of using automated customer service is losing the personal touch that human interaction can provide. While automated customer service technology is improving yearly, it isn’t always a replacement for someone looking for a real human conversation. Imagine a simple reboot of your product is usually all that’s needed to fix a common problem. If just what is customer service automation one customer calls about this issue per day, your support team can handle that. But if hundreds of customers call in every day, your entire support team will get bogged down explaining something that AI-powered customer service could address in seconds. In addition to answering customer questions, automated customer service tools can proactively engage with your customers.

Tip 2: Automate customer service agents’ workflow

They offer static content and don’t use any sort of advanced technology to help you skip tasks. However, they help you skip answering tickets by proactively giving customers information that would have otherwise become a customer support ticket. Your customer support automation should start by choosing the right customer service software solution to meet your business needs.

what is customer service automation

Customer service automation is the process of addressing clients’ requests with minimal human interaction to enhance the customer journey. In most cases, it’s implemented by adding automatic responses to users’ queries or integrating artificial intelligence solutions. There are also people in your audience who will strongly prefer automated customer service systems and others who would rather get human customer service.

Expectations from an automated customer service software: Individual Differences

Zoho Desk helps your reps better prioritize their workload by automatically sorting tickets based on due dates, status, and need for attention. Reps can easily access previous customer conversations, so they don’t have to waste time searching for information about the customer. Lastly, Service Hub integrates with your CRM platform — meaning your entire customer and contact data are automatically tracked and recorded in your CRM. This creates one source of truth for your business regarding everything related to your customers. If you’re looking for the best tools to automate your customer service, take a look at some of the software options we have listed below. Then, as a result of your rep successfully assisting the customer, HubSpot automatically compiles and provides data for that ticket — this includes information like ticket volume or response time.